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Symmetry Joins the Flagship Collection

SARAH BAKER Symmetry by nose Chris Maurice

Symmetry is the latest addition to the house’s flagship collection. As an oud-based perfume, it’s rather unusual in that it combines the woody, animalistic qualities of oud with clean, fresher notes of citrus. 

Chris Maurice, who is considered a “master of oud” by many in the perfume business, created Symmetry using a composition of orange blossom, cypriol, and 100% natural Laotian oud combined with amber, bergamot, neroli, petitgrain and musky notes.

The first of the three ouds in The Oud Trilogy created by Chris for the house in a signature style, Symmetry now takes up its place in the flagship SARAH BAKER Collection. The decision to introduce Symmetry to the flagship collection comes as part of the broader decision to consolidate the house’s fragrances into a single main collection so that customers easily understand that all the house’s perfumes—whether in the flagship collection or an artist’s edition—share the same top quality in the traditions of haute parfumerie.

perfume box of Symmetry by Chris Maurice
Symmetry Eau de Parfum Box

The 50ml of Symmetry now comes in the signature flagship packaging that provides the ultimate unboxing experience. The resealable outer sleeve features an original drawing by Sarah of Lady Justice, blindfolded and reliant on her olfactory sense alone. Upon opening its nifty tear design, it unfolds to reveal an elegant rigid box. Inside, the bottle, set in an elegant insert of precision-cut eco-foam, is accompanied by an original mini-screenplay written by Sarah Baker Studios that tells the story of the inspirations behind Symmetry.

In the case of Symmetry, the name is a description: it’s all about balance. Or, indeed, where the traditions of freshness in Southern Mediterranean fragrances meet the intense, precious ingredients historically favored by Eastern perfumery, intersecting here, as they have done for millennia, in the ancient city of Istanbul, gateway on the Bosphorus between two continents.

Intrigue in the Grand Bazaar

The steam clears as the train pulls into Sirkeci Station in 1930s Constantinople. A dapper man wearing an eyepatch emerges from the elegant Wagons-Lits carriages and hurriedly makes his way across the bustling city for a planned rendezvous in the gardens at the Topkapi Palace.

Topkapi Palace

They have never met before. All he knows it that he is meeting a woman who will be wearing a spring of orange blossom. They have a clandestine project they plan to carry out. When they do meet, there is a definite attraction, though both hide it behind the professed urgency of their mission. 

She guides him through the ancient city, the legendary trading hub of the ancient world. Eventually, they disappear into the labyrinthine Grand Bazaar where their secret mission awaits. Will they pull it off? Will that magnetic attraction go anywhere? And, how might they be connected to the history of perfume itself? Clever sleuths will piece together the clues in the manner of an Agatha Christie novel. Hint: if you read the screenplay included with The Oud Trilogy, it’s easier to work it out.

Break the seal, open the box, read the script, spritz on Symmetry, and cast yourself in a leading role…

Symmetry pre-order offer

Symmetry is now included in the SARAH BAKER Collection Discovery Set with immediate effect. 

Symmetry is available for a special pre-order price of £112.50 for a limited time.

Symmetry is featured on The Perfume Guy's Channel

Symmetry is featured in this recent video by Sebastian Jara aka The Perfume Guy devoted specifically to the fragrances created by nose Chris Maurice. Sebastian invited Sarah to join him for the video since she has collaborated with Chris on three separate occasions to create fragrances for the house. So, be sure to give it a whirl. 

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