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SARAH BAKER Collection

The SARAH BAKER Collection features unique perfumes at high concentrations for long-lasting, luxurious complexity.

These fragrances are daring and distinctive, blending art and style for fragrance connoisseurs and adventurers. A little goes a long way. The tenacity allows you to experience the expansive tapestry of notes as they evolve on skin.

Each fragrance is topped with our signature International Orange cap and cheerful sun logo.

sarah baker perfumes orange cap upsidedown
Sarah Baker_Loudo_perfume_web

“What compels me most about the Sarah Baker Perfumes collection is that there is a sense of the unexpected, progressing through an enormous 3D map of impressions. What’s particularly fun about the approach is that she does this in a stream-of-consciousness manner, like an epic poem that invites us to utterly different smell-settings along the way, and you can pick up the work at any point in the narrative.”

John Biebel, Fragrantica

Discovery Sets

We recommend that you sample our fragrances and we have three options to help you discover your favourites.

Our Orange Discovery Set includes all 10 fragrances in the collection. The 2ml spray-top samples are presented in tactile, elegant packaging and includes an informative booklet. A great way to explore the fragrances.

Our True North and Thrill of the Chase packs are mini discovery sets featuring a curated selection of 3 x 2ml spray tops, along with printed information about the fragrances. 

Jungle Jezebel.png

Limited Editions

Artist Editions are hand-numbered limited editions. Each bottle is a genuine work of art. These art editions reflect Sarah Baker’s artistic practice, featuring handcrafted, unique designs for the fragrances that inspire them. 

Fragrances that have had special artistic treatment include Jungle Jezebel, pictured here, a portrait of the late drag performer Divine, who famously sang Jungle Jezebel. In the tradition of Arte Povera, the design makes use of found objects and DIY aesthetic beauty techniques used in drag culture.

Our next Limited Editions will be joining us in 2024, so watch this space!

S.Baker Collection 

The feel-good vibes of our sun logo was an inspiration for the S.BAKER Collection. In 2020 we launched this discrete collection where each juice incorporates the freshness of the fragrance tradition of cologne. Each does so in its own way—from dew-kissed ethereal botanics to floral notes and deep woody bases or a smoky undertow. Yet, all share an easy-going, carefree sensibility. Like the sun, these scented tales are life-affirming and joyful.

All of these references will be transitioned to our signature SARAH BAKER presentation or to Limited Editions.

Motif Collection

The Motif Collection is a capsule collection of the first four fragrances released by the house in their original packaging. These fragrances each take an iconic luxury fashion fabric or pattern as their starting point—Leopard, Greek Keys, Lace, and Tartan—and are presented in designs that take their inspiration from these iconic luxury fashion materials.

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