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Sarah Baker Extrait Collection

The SARAH BAKER Extrait de Parfum Collection features eight unique extrait de parfums at a high concentration for long lasting, luxurious complexity.

A little goes a long way. The tenacity allows you to experience the expansive tapestry of its notes as they evolve on the skin.

Each fragrance is topped with our signature International Orange cap and cheerful sun logo.



The feel-good vibes of our sun logo was an inspiration for the S.BAKER Collection. In 2020 we launched this discrete collection where each juice incorporates the freshness of fragrance traditions such as cologne. Each does so in its own way—from dew-kissed ethereal botanics to floral notes and deep woody bases or a smoky undertow. Yet, all share an easy-going, carefree sensibility. Like the sun, these scented tales are life-affirming and joyful.

Strawberry Composition CROPPED II (For W


The Motif Collection is a capsule collection of the first four fragrances released by the house in their original packaging. These fragrances each take an iconic luxury fashion fabric or pattern as their starting point—Leopard, Greek Keys, Lace, and Tartan—and are presented in designs that take their inspiration from these iconic luxury fashion materials.

Jungle Jezebel.png


Artist Editions are hand-numbered limited editions. Each bottle is a genuine work of art. These art editions reflect Sarah Baker’s artistic practice, featuring handcrafted, unique designs for the fragrances that inspire them.

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