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Sarah Baker Atlante Extrait de Parfum by Sarah McCartney



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“Atlante is one of the best and most unique oceanic fragrances I have ever smelled.”-Chris Wilkinson, Frag-Mental. 50ml extrait de parfum. 


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  • About

    A sense of the ocean permeates all layers of this fresh, taut fragrance. Here, it’s a primordial, mythological sea. Beginning with the form of the sea shell, and giving birth to the goddess of beauty. Surrealistically symbolic, as in the work of French cineaste Germaine Dulac, where strong desire and sexuality are never far beneath the shimmering surface. Fresh and beautiful, but not without an undertow.  

  • Notes

    50ml, Extrait de Parfum


    Atlante was a finalist for the 2019 Art + Olfaction Awards


    In three words: salty, tidepool, sparkling


    Notes: yuzu, seaweed, iris, lily of the valley, pink pepper, wet rock, cedar, ambergris, seashells, driftwood


    Nose: Sarah McCartney

  • Expert Say...

    “Atlante is one of the best and most unique oceanic fragrances I have ever smelled.”


    -Chris Wilkinson, Frag-Mental


    “I spent a great deal of time on the ocean as a kid and I was always aware of the smells in the air. Atlante has ocean smell written all over it. If you appreciate the aroma of the ocean then you want to try this.”


    Glenn Davis, Instagram reviewer, @mrcologne76


  • Customers Say...

    "On all occasions, my items were delivered quickly and I received them exactly as I purchased them, with free samples generously added too! There was a certain amount of pleasure derived purely from tearing open the perforated strip on the Atlante box!


    One of my items ( Atlante 50ml ) had an issue with the spray nozzle. Customer service and Sarah sorted this with no issues whatsoever, in the kindest manner possible, and replaced my returned item with a bonus 15ml fragrance too! What more could I ask?


    As for the fragrances themselves, they are everything I expect in a great quality niche. Atlante in particular is a favourite, as is G Clef. The next On my radar is the excellent Loudo!!! 


    All in all, Sarah Baker has curated an admirable body of perfumery under her name, and should feel proud of the quality and diversity of products she is presenting to the world.


    Bravo Sarah and the team!"


    -Gary Mars from Wakefield England ordered Atlante 50ml and G Clef 50ml among others