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Each SARAH BAKER fragrance tells a unique story, harnessing scent's ability to vividly evoke memories, ideas, and feelings. Sarah Baker works closely with invited perfumers in a process of mutual inspiration to construct original fragrant narratives full of intriguing nuance and spectacular fantasy. 

Every fragrance is an insight into the imaginations and craft of today’s cutting-edge olfactory talents who compose with acute attention to detail to create deeply luxurious, long-lasting olfactory experiences. There’s a scented tale to suit every mood, desire, and dream. We set the scene for your starring role.

About Sarah Baker Fragrances 

Our Aesthetic

A glitzy glamourous ambience underpinned by authentic artistry, sets the scene to bring your very own scented tale to life.  


Become the star in your unique fantasy.

Bold and beautiful or fun and flirty, the attitude is vibrantly intoxicating.

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Our fragrances come in in a great 50ml size bottle, with a vivid, signature orange cap that pays homage to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the city that Sarah was born in.



The protective outer sleeve covering each box is a unique design by Sarah Baker

and is tamper-evident and resealable.


The drawing is an original by the artist and represents xxx



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