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  • About Loudo

    Playful and sweet with the flavours of childhood appetites, it dries down to something seriously grown-up. Proustian aromas and a nostalgic glimpse of a beloved game encountered in the attic, realising years later it was the seed of your adult prowess; the sensual, sexy and clever you. 

  • Notes

    In three words: delicious, nostalgic, signature


    Notes: bergamot, neroli, petitgrain, black cherry, cypriol, orange blossom, white chocolate, Laos oud, Suyufi agarwood, musk, amber, vanilla


    Nose: Chris Maurice


    Loudo was selected for ÇaFleureBon Best of Scent 2021.

  • Expert Quotes

    “It’s so good! I love it. White chocolate with aromatics running throughout it, developing into a really interesting oud. It smells great. I think it’s my favourite from your collection. It has a gourmandish something happening up top that I really like. It’s a winner for me.”

    -Sebastian Jara, Fragrance Reviewer, The Perfume Guy