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Our Perfumers

We work with a variety of noses in addition to Sarah herself creating fragrances as a perfumer. The house works with these noses in an organic process, reflecting the artist-run nature of the brand. Sarah’s admiration for individual perfumers, a simpatico connection and an empathy for their fragrance creations are the defining factors in how perfumers come to make fragrances for the house. ​

Ashley Eden Kessler

Ashley, a native of Los Angeles, was the first perfumer with whom Sarah worked professionally. Given Ashley’s education as an artist and important contribution to the Institute of Art and Olfaction (Los Angeles), it was almost inevitable. In addition to her practice as a professional nose, Ashley remains one of the key educators at IOA. Her Studio Sentir in L.A. epitomises her interest in the more erudite and philosophical aspects of perfumery rather than just the commercial.


Ashley is the nose behind the house’s Greek Keys, Leopard and Bascule.

More about Ashley

Miguel Matos

Portuguese nose Miguel Matos steadily built his reputation as a perfumer and a loyal following over time. So, we’re particularly proud that we were the first house to publish a fragrance by him, Jungle Jezebel. In his case, the word “prolific” really does apply, whether for his own brand, us, or others internationally including Nisahane, Der Duft, or Calaj, among others. One of today’s most innovative noses, his talents also extend to being a curator of cutting-edge contemporary exhibitions on perfume and a respected writer and critic within the world of perfumery. His provocative positions and almost guerrilla approach to fragrance mean there’s never a dull moment.


Miguel is the nose behind our Jungle Jezebel, Rules of Attraction and Far from the Madding Crowd.

More about Miguel

Chris Maurice

Spanish nose Chris Maurice is unquestionably a perfume world insider. Deeply technically skilled and a product of European perfume know-how heritage personified as is manifest in his C de la Niche venture, Chris has made fragrances for numerous houses. They range from sought-after niche houses like Xerjoff, Kemi, Kajal, or Zoologist to more mainstream premium brands such as Desigual.


Chris' debut for our collections is the unique freshie-oud Symmetry.

More about Chris

Sarah McCartney

A perfumer who has long championed niche perfumery, an educator, a category expert and all-round advocate for the sector, Sarah has built her reputation over the years with blood, sweat and tears. Drawing on her experience within the mainstream beauty industry, Sarah is a prolific self-taught perfumer who has built a steady following of students for her workshops and courses and perfume enthusiasts for her own British niche brand 4160Tuesdays.


Sarah is the perfumer of our Lace, Tartan and Atlante fragrances.

More about Sarah

Andreas Wilhem

Andreas set up his Swiss fragrance studio over a decade ago. Plotting a less obvious path, his trajectory includes everything from art exhibitions to projects with the WWF. Perhaps best known to fans for his own fragrance line, Perfume Sucks, let’s not forget his other impressive credentials. When considering how the once peripheral organic beauty brands of yesteryear have become the templates of the ecologically-informed beauty brands of today, note that Andreas was the in-house perfumer for Weleda, the heritage ethical “green” brand founded in 1920 according to the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner.


Andreas has worked his magic for our house with Charade.

More about Andreas

Sarah Baker

Educated as an artist in the USA and the UK, Sarah Baker established herself as a professional artist showing internationally and has seen her works acquired by influential private and museum collections. But, even while founding and giving creative direction to the house, Sarah continued her additional training as a perfumer. In 2020, she launched her first two creations as a perfumer for the house, both within the new S.BAKER Collection.


Sarah is the nose behind G Clef and Flame & Fortune.

More about Sarah

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