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Our Responsible Business Practices


  • Our products are handmade in our London studio using non-industrial techniques that minimise the waste of materials and ingredients.

  • Our packaging is designed specifically to reduce waste, especially waste that cannot be recycled. For example, our boxes are sealed using solutions not involving wrapping in plastic or cellophane. 

  • We strive to use organic ingredients and responsibly sourced materials wherever possible though we recognise that full provenance is still an area that the industry needs to improve. Similarly, we encourage all the noses with whom we work to consider provenance and ethical sourcing at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Despite being a small business we are committed to corporate social responsibility. We support causes that resonate with us and look to give back creatively in ways that bring the optimum benefit through our limited resources. A good example of such a project is our Jazz Hands initiative.

Compliance & Allergens:

  • We take the health and safety of our customers seriously. All of our fragrances are certified as compliant with IFRA guidelines. Among other things, these evidence-based guidelines reduce the risk of allergic reactions and ensure that our fragrances are free of other substances known to be harmful. However, IFRA compliance statistically reduces the risk of allergic reactions by avoiding known allergens but it does not guarantee it. Some individuals may still be sensitive to individual ingredients.

  • A list of ingredients is listed on each product. If you wish to know the list of ingredients in addition to notes published on the product pages for any fragrance, please click on the link on the individual product page or see the ingredients page for all fragrance ingredients. 

Labour Practices:

  • Because all of our products are hand-produced in our London studio, we can 100% assert that no one involved in their manufacture or other activities of our business are exploited for their labour.

  • We recognise that we and the noses with whom we work do not always have 100% transparency into how some of the substances regularly used to make perfume are produced. Wherever possible, we source materials from first-line producers that can demonstrate ethical and responsible management. 

Animal Products:

  • We are committed to only using animal products that do not harm animals or are the result of unnecessary cruelty. Many of our products do not use animal products at all.

  • The musk and civet used in our fragrances are synthetic. 

  • Some products use real ambergris. This is a natural whale waste product collected from shorelines where it washes up. It involves no direct contact with whales.

  • Some products use real beeswax. This is a product gathered through the ancient tradition of apiary and does not involve killing bees. 

  • Some products use real castoreum though others use the synthetic version. This is a naturally occurring scent found in beavers. The animal castoreum used in our products is recycled from beavers that are culled as part of ongoing environmental management. 

  • None of our products are tested on animals



What We Believe:

As an individual person, artist, and founder of Sarah Baker Perfumes—and united as a small family-owned and operated business—we stand against the hate, racism and white supremacy that is harming Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) across the world. We will continually educate ourselves on anti-racism by actively reading and hearing BIPOC voices. We will vocally advocate for policy that supports BIPOC safety and advancement. Anti-Racism is an urgent and long-term commitment for all of us, and we pledge to prioritize diversity, inclusion and equity every step of the way.

We equally advocate challenging discrimination on any other grounds whether gender, physical ability or personal beliefs. But, given current global events Anti-Racism is a key priority for us.

Industry Ethics:

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