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Full Discovery Set Plus

Full Discovery Set Plus


NOW INCLUDED: Peach's Revenge, Symmetry, and Flame & Fortune.

Total: 11 x 2ml samples. 




FREE shipping and returns US and UK. 

  • Limited Stocks

    Very limited stock shipping from 26 April. Order now to avoid disappointment. Discovery sets will not be available for some time once these are gone due to unprecedented demand for Peach’s Revenge. 

  • Discover our Collection

    The SARAH BAKER Collection Discovery Set now includes 11 x 2ml spray-top bottles; all fragrances in the collection, including our newest releases. These are:


    Peach's Revenge: Succulent fruits encourage summertime madness. Hypnotic and addictive.


    Symmetry: A fresh oud in perfect balance.


    Flame & Fortune: Indulge in the guilty eroticism of petrochemicals juxtaposed with soft white florals.


    Atlante: A mermaid emerging from the sea. Real beach vibes.


    Charade: Big white flower with a cutting edge of rustic leather. Sophisticated and contemporary.


    Jungle Jezebel: Bombastic banana bootylicious beast. Love it or hate it? We love. Join us.


    Gold Spot: A spotlight on filmstars who love their luxuries, indulging themselves in bed all day with broadsheets and butterscotch bonbons.


    Greek Keys: A yacht ride in the Greek Islands. Fresh, Oceanic, Luxurious.


    Tartan: After a long walk in the Highlands, enjoy your first sip of whiskey next to the fire in the library.


    Leopard: Power fragrance that must be worn with shoulder pads. Not for children.


    Loudo: Playful and sweet, yet nostalgic and serious. Deliciously woody.

  • Expert Quote

    "Such a magnificent collection. The best way to explore this fantastic perfume house" -Lev Kallos on Instagram