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Sarah Baker Jungle Jezebel Extrait de Parfum by Miguel Matos

Jungle Jezebel


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50ml, extrait de parfum. Inspired by cult performer and singer, Divine, this is a fragrance with real attitude. In three words: tropical, bouquet, provocative. 


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  • About

    Inspired by cult performer and singer, Divine, this is a fragrance with real attitude. A heady mélange of tropical fruits. The exotic sweetness is balanced with far heavier, sexy tonalities that become more prominent as it dries down. The unique combinations are unexpected and make this a fragrance that stands apart, at once memorable and perhaps even a little shocking on first encounter. Yet, like its inspiration, the scandalous first impression reveals a craft that impresses and remains memorable. One for daring people who walk their own path.

  • Notes

    50ml, Extrait de Parfum


    In three words: tropical, bouquet, provocative


    Notes: orange, banana, grape, peach, bubblegum, rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, amber, sandalwood, civet, vetiver, vanilla, tonka bean


    Nose: Miguel Matos

  • Experts Say...

    “Jungle Jezebel is a decisive and intelligent composition that borrows cues from high and low scent culture, forcing you to think about contradiction and harmony.”


    -Eddie Bulliqi, Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine

  • Customers Say...

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    John M. from Dublin, Ireland ordered Jungle Jezebel 50ml