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The Oud Trilogy

The Oud Trilogy


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3x30ml. Natural, luxurious oud in three distinct variations: fresh, signature, and dipped in gold.


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    Introducing our new 3x30ML luxury set! 


    Luxurious Natural Oud

    This is a set of 3 x 30ml award-winning perfumes made by Chris Maurice for the house using a composition of orange blossom, cypriol, and 100% natural Laotian oud and Suyufi agarwood tinctured by the perfumer.


    We worked with Chris to create a unique Oud formula that resulted in a sequence of development that started with Symmetry, followed by Loudo, and finished with Gold Spot.


    Chris uses a natural Laos oud from his Carbonnel oud farm, and a Suyufi Agarwood tincture.


    SYMMETRY in three words: balanced, fresh, serious

    LOUDO in three words: delicious, nostalgic, signature

    GOLD SPOT in three words: luxe, celebrity, bonbon



    30ml, Extrait de Parfum


    Gold Spot Notes: bergamot, petitgrain, cypriol, orange blossom, butterscotch, Laos oud, Suyufi agarwood, dark chocolate, sweet myrrh, musk, amber, vanilla


    Gold Spot was honored with both the ÇaFleureBon Best of Scent Award 2022 and The Art+Olfaction Awards 2023, Honorable Mention




    30ml, Extrait de Parfum


    Loudo Notes: bergamot, neroli, petitgrain, black cherry, cypriol, orange blossom, white chocolate, Laos oud, Suyufi agarwood, musk, amber, vanilla.


    Loudo was honored with a ÇaFleureBon Best of Scent Award 2021




    30ml, Eau de Parfum


    Symmetry Notes: bergamot, petitgrain, neroli, orange blossom, amber, cypriol, musk, Laos oud.



    Nose for all three perfumes: Chris Maurice

  • Customers Say:

    "The Trilogy Set is awesome. Love them all. Gold Spot slightly edged out Loudo for 1st pick. Your stuff is extremely well-blended.  On par with Nicolai.  You have a new regular customer! Fantastic Holidays to you and yours."

    -Reese A. from Florida, ordered The Oud Trilogy and Flame & Fortune



    "I got a sample of LOUDO and I enjoyed the fragrance initially but didn't give it full attention. After months went by, I returned to my sample and instantly fell in love. LOUDO, to me, is a love story made in a scent that plays out on your skin beautifully and it is such a unique scent. Top-notch!"


    -Brad Jackson, USA , ordered Loudo 50ml



    "Today as I was leaving for work my order arrived. You made my week! Your perfumes bring me so much joy! I can't even describe it. I am your fan forever."


    -Vladislav Bogdanov from Denmark ordered Gold Spot 50ml

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  • In the Box:

    While unboxing your order of The Oud Trilogy, you will find:


    • A beautifully packaged set, including 30mls each of Symmetry, Loudo, and Gold Spot.
    • A free copy of Sarah Colton's booklet, "Bad Girls Perfume Notes."
    • Rest assured: a 2ml of each 3 is included, so if unopened, you can return The Oud Trilogy.