3-pack: The Thrill of the Chase

3-pack: The Thrill of the Chase


3 x 2ml


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  • SELECTED 3-pack

    The Thrill of the Chase is the first in our SELECTED series of occasional mini discovery sets for which we select three fragrances from across both collections. Our fragrances are a form of storytelling, each a scented tale. So the selection might be based on joining the dots in each individual fragrance’s story or even telling a completely new one.

  • The Thrill of the Chase

    The theme connects three very different stories inspiring each of the selected fragrances.

    So what’s the story of The Thrill of the Chase? The clue is in the name, and in this case it is about the exhilaration of solving an ancient mystery and mastering the game.


    It also comes with a fold-out booklet that reveals more information. Great for gifting or for those who like something a little different.

  • The set includes:

    3 x 2ml spray-top bottles

    • Loudo extrait de parfum: Playful and sweet, yet nostalgic and serious. Deliciously woody
    • Charade extrait de parfum: Big white flower with a cutting edge of rustic leather. Sophisticated and contemporary.
    • Flame & Fortune: White flowers, spice and citrus heated until it catches fire in the dryness of the fragrant desert. Dramatic.