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Flame & Fortune extrait de parfum is here!

SARAH BAKER Flame & Fortune extrait de parfum

Flame & Fortune extrait de parfum has arrived, to the screech of brakes and a vague aroma of burning rubber wafting up from the sunbaked highway…

Notes: orange blossom, pink pepper, apricot, ginger, mandarin petitgrain, lily of the valley, iris, jasmine, tuberose, motor oil, labdanum, mezcal, embers.

Nose: Sarah Baker

Flame & Fortune was formulated by Sarah Baker herself. In an interview Sarah described it as “a high-speed car chase through a field of tuberoses on fire”. White flowers, spice, orange, and the guilty eroticism of petrochemicals are all key themes in this turbocharged extrait. Partly inspired by Sarah’s memories of living in New Mexico, the theme of “the fragrant desert" also comes through strongly.

Flame & Fortune was originally released as an EDP to positive reviews and became one of the house’s best selling fragrances. Following feedback and considering requests from customers for it to be available in an even more intense version, SARAH BAKER is now releasing it as an extrait de parfum.

So, what’s different about the Flame & Fortune extrait?

Quite aside from the fact that the extrait manifestation of Flame & Fortune is more intense with increased longevity and silage, it is not exactly the same fragrance as the EDP. For example, the extrait de parfum uses a different orange blossom accord formulated by Sarah herself, increasing what she calls the “fortune” aspect of Flame & Fortune.

"High stakes and equally high drama ensue with a cast of colorful characters until the final showdown in the Sonoran desert."

Flame & Fortune conjures up fast cars and sexy encounters out in the deserts of Arizona and Mexico. Indulge in the turned-on adrenaline rush of wheels spinning on asphalt, placing you in the driver’s seat of the getaway car. Or, savour the combination of orange, liqueur and fire that come together like tempting crêpes Suzette, flambéed right under your noses, a less expected gourmand, dripping in flame-caramelised orange zest.

SARAH BAKER Flame & Fortune extrait de parfum

Flame & Fortune — a high-octane thriller

Included in the Flame & Fortune extrait de Parfum 50ml packaging is a high-octane screenplay excerpt adapted from the full-length Flame & Fortune novel Sarah Baker Studios wrote, which will be published in 2024.

Inspired by cinema, soap opera and the tradition of the hard boiled pulp novels of the 1940s and 1950s, Flame & Fortune follows the heroine, cosmetics mogul May-Belle Lene, on her quest for the mythical flower that reveals secret worlds. High stakes and equally high drama ensue with a cast of colorful characters until the final showdown in the Sonoran desert.

Flame & Fortune extrait de parfum transports you into a vicarious experience of living life in the fast lane as you become the glamorous May-Belle Lene or one of the other cool and courageous characters on a quest for the ultimate fragrance ingredient.

Flame & Fortune was recently given a sneak preview at MXScent in Mexico City to overwhelming positive responses from discerning fragrance fans visiting the fair, where boxes of SARAH BAKER were flying of the shelves as fast as May-Belle's high-speed car chase through the desert night.

Due for wider release in early 2024, the extrait is currently exclusively available online or in-store at My Scent Journey, Mexico City.

SARAH BAKER Flame & Fortune extrait de parfum


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