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A fresh oud in perfect balance.

50ml, eau de parfum.


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  • About

    A fresh oud in perfect balance.


    Combines natural oud with the freshness of a cologne tradition. Inspired by the cultural melting pot and fragrance hub of the Ancient World with its bustling markets and port. Classical, balanced.


    Some of you already know Symmetry, and we’re thrilled to present it in the glorious 50ml packaging of our flagship collection.


    Included in the new fragrance experience is the story of Symmetry's inspiration in the form of an original mini-screenplay, written by Sarah Baker Studios. A tale of intrigue and serendipitous attraction between two strangers played out on the famous Wagons-Lits train to Constantinople and the Grand Bazaar, the melting pot of perfumery since ancient times. Spritz yourself and read the script to enact the complete persona of Symmetry. 

  • Notes

    50ml Eau de Parfum 


    In three words: balanced, lightness, darkness


    Notes: bergamot, petitgrain, neroli, orange blossom, amber, cypriol, musk, Laos oud.


    Nose: Chris Maurice