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What We Believe

Black Lives Matter human rights protests are growing around the world since the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbury in Georgia, George Floyd in Minnesota, and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky. While Mr. Arbury, Mr. Floyd, and Ms. Taylor have come to signal what may be a tipping point, the long list of Black lives lost to white supremacy and police brutality is unfathomable.

This moment in time has further exposed the atrocities of America’s criminal justice system from slavery to segregation to mass incarceration. Racial injustice is a structural problem, extending to damaging disparities in education, jobs, housing, and healthcare. And, of course, it’s not just a problem in the United States. Historical and contemporary practices, social norms, and political policies have been designed to protect and maintain white supremacy across the globe for generations.

And now, more than ever, this is what we are talking about at home.

A few weeks ago, my husband (who is also my business partner and director of logistics) and I were entirely focused on developing and distributing our new hand sanitising product. A few weeks ago, my son (who is also my business partner and director of inspiration) and I were obsessed with hand washing lessons. A few weeks ago, when I phoned my parents in California or my cousin in Buffalo, we talked only about how to get groceries, face masks, and toilet paper. But the Coronavirus feels secondary to the plague of social injustice and racism.

So now, more than ever, this is what we are talking about at home.

It’s taken me a few weeks to articulate any formal statement. I’ve gone through various stages of moral outrage, uncomfortable conversations, deep sadness, and fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. Still, as a small business owner, and a person, I believe it is important to make a public statement in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

I didn’t just want to robotically paste a Black Lives Matter sticker on our website without explanation. This is important to me. It’s important to my husband, Andy and for our 5-year-old son. While acknowledging our own imperfections, knowing that we can always learn more, and vowing to always try harder, we start with this. It’s just a start. We will keep marching and evolving with love and solidarity.

Please consider joining us in following and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. For more information, ways to help, and valuable resources, please click here.

Thank you for reading.

XO Sarah


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