The Art of Fragrance for Men and Women


Sarah Baker creates boutique luxury fragrances for men and women that really can claim to be art. Artist and Creative Director Sarah Baker works closely with the world’s most daring and innovative noses—all of whom are named on each fragrance—in a process of mutual inspiration and creativity to create distinctive, gender optional fragrances drawing on a myriad of inspirations.


Each perfume is an insight into the imaginations and craft of today’s cutting-edge olfactory talents who know just how complex, sensual and game-changing fragrances should be.


The Sarah Baker Collection offers eight unique fragrances in a sculptural bottle designed by Sarah Baker. Its joyful logo and signature cap, referencing the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, are both inspired by San Francisco, where Sarah was born. But each fragrance has a singular character of its own, whether inspired by the glamour of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, the seminal work of French surrealist filmmaker Germaine Dulac or the writing of Bret Easton-Ellis and Choderlos de Laclos.


The Sarah Baker - Motif Collection is a capsule collection of the first four fragrances released by the house in their original packaging. These fragrances each take an iconic luxury fashion fabric or pattern as their starting point—Leopard, Greek Keys, Lace, and Tartan—and are presented in designs that take their inspiration from these iconic luxury fashion materials.


Sarah Baker - Artist Editions are special, hand-numbered limited editions where each bottle is a genuine work of art. These sought-after editions reflect Sarah Baker’s artistic practice, featuring handcrafted, unique designs for the fragrances that inspire them.


Despite being a very young fragrance house, Sarah Baker has already achieved critical acclaim from some of the most influential experts within the niche fragrance world and has been shortlisted for prestigious fragrance awards.


About Sarah Baker


Sarah Baker, founder of the eponymous fragrance house, is a contemporary artist whose work has often interrogated, explored and simply played with the worlds of fashion and popular narratives of glamour. The work of American-born artist Baker—long resident in London— has been shown at respected institutions internationally.


Sarah first began developing perfumes with the Institute for Art and Olfaction (Los Angeles) in 2014 as a contemporary art project. In 2016, she debuted her first two fragrances at the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles): Leopard, and Greek Keys, by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler. 


​Sarah Baker, the fragrance brand, has since taken on a life of its own, undoubtedly works of art that simultaneously stand their own ground in the grand traditions of the best perfumery. Please visist:

What We Believe


As an individual person, artist, and founder of Sarah Baker Perfumes—and united as a small family-owned and operated business—we stand against the hate, racism and white supremacy that is harming Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) across the world. We will continually educate ourselves on anti-racism by actively reading and hearing BIPOC voices. We will vocally advocate for policy that supports BIPOC safety and advancement. Anti-Racism is an urgent and long-term commitment for all of us, and we pledge to prioritize diversity, inclusion and equity every step of the way.

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