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Creating Scented Tales


Each of our fragrances tells a story. Each juice whisks you off to fantastic worlds of glamour, adventure, romance or pure hedonism. Their scented tales are inspired by legends, historic figures, art, films and literature. Or they are entirely new, fiction and fantasy conjured up in the mind’s eye. With her works as an artist, Sarah Baker is above all else a storyteller. So, it naturally follows that the house she founded creates scented tales using the medium of fragrance.

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Harnessing smell’s proven ability to vividly evoke memories, ideas and feelings more directly than any of the other senses, each fragrance draws you in to a unique scented tale. We have a story that will reach you –  different scented tales to suit each of your many moods, desires and dreams. Here, in these sensorial worlds, you make each your own.


Artist, perfumer and Creative Director Sarah Baker creates fragrances and also invites some the world’s most innovative and respected noses to create fragrances for the house's collections.


You can learn more about the perfumers creating fragrances for the house here.

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