Fragrances born out of art...

Artist and Creative Director Sarah Baker creates fragrances and works closely with the world’s most daring and innovative noses in a process of mutual inspiration to offer distinctive, gender optional fragrances drawing on a myriad of inspirations. Each perfume is an insight into the imaginations and craft of today’s cutting-edge olfactory talents who know just how complex, sensual and game-changing fragrances should be.

Our Perfumers

Ashley Eden Kessler: Greek Keys, Leopard, Bascule

Sarah McCartney: Lace, Tartan, Atlante

Andreas Wilhelm: Charade

Miguel Matos: Jungle Jezebel, Rules of Attraction, Far from the Madding Crowd

Chris Maurice: Symmetry

Sarah Baker: G Clef, Flame & Fortune


Our SARAH BAKER Collection features eight unique, high-concentration fragrances in a sculptural bottle designed by Sarah Baker. Each Extrait de Parfum bottle is presented with our signature cap, referencing the singular colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, a symbol of perseverance and determination. These fragrances are bold, distinctive, and not for the faint of heart.


Our S. BAKER Collection looks to freshness, lightness and an easygoing feel-good factor as guiding principles, taking its cue from fragrance traditions such as cologne.

These Eau de Parfum creations all share the core concept, but offer a spectrum of variety, from dew-kissed ethereal botanics to those that combine citrus or floral notes with a woody undertow.


The Motif Collection is a capsule collection of the first four fragrances released by the house in their original packaging. These fragrances each take an iconic luxury fashion fabric or pattern as their starting point—Leopard, Greek Keys, Lace, and Tartan—and are presented in designs that take their inspiration from these luxury fashion materials.


Artist Editions are hand-numbered limited editions, where each bottle is a genuine work of art. These art editions reflect Sarah Baker’s artistic practice, featuring handcrafted, unique designs for the fragrances that inspire them.


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