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Stockists Update

The Perfumery, Barcelona

Our juices have been quite the little globetrotters recently, appearing in new stores all over the world. And, some of our existing stockists have also expanded our fragrances they carry, which means that there are now more places that you can walk in and try them.

In London, Lovely & British, which specialises in UK-made products with a strong emphasis on handcrafted items, now carries a range of our fragrances while, on the other side of the pond, you can find them at Le Pink & Co. This charming grooming and lifestyle concept store is located on the Silverlake stretch of Sunset Boulevard.

In Barcelona, our stockist The Perfumery, is now carrying both full collections and in Krakow, Dragonfly Olfactory Studio, which we recently announced as a new stockist is finding that discerning Cracovians are taking to our S.BAKER Collection like ducks to water.

And, in Estonia, we will soon be available through Ambra, a new specialist niche fragrance retailer launching in July 2021.

Dragonfly Olfactory Studio, Krakow

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