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Now available at Dragonfly Olfactory Studio in Krakow

sarah baker perfumes Dragonfly olfactory studio, krakow

We are delighted to announce our arrival in Poland. And there could be no more charming place to make our debut than at Olfactory Studio Dragonfly in Krakow. Dragonfly offers niche perfumes from around the world in its elegant store, only minutes away from Krakow's citadel complex with its Wawel Cathedral, Wawel Royal Castle and numerous Baroque churches and other national treasures.

Be sure to drop by if you are lucky enough to travel to this beautiful ancient city, technically the Royal Capital City of Krakow, steeped in a rich and complex history.

But of course, if you’re a local Cracovian, we’d love for you to be among the first to come to Olfactory Studio Dragonfly and discover us when out and about for some chic shopping.

sarah baker perfumes dragonfly olfactory studio in krakow

sarah baker perfumes‘Symmerty’ by perfumer Chris Maurice 

‘flame & fortune’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘far from the madding crowd’ Miguel Matos 

‘G clef’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘Bascule’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler  at the dragonfly olfactory studio in krakow


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