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My Scent Journey reviews Peach’s Revenge

Sarah Baker My Scent Journey reviews Peach’s Revenge

Eduardo Garcia de Alba Barroso needs no introduction to you, even if you don’t know it. To many of you, especially in the world’s Spanish-speaking regions, he is better known under the moniker My Scent Journey and has a huge following on his social media channels—such as his YouTube channel—where his insightful and passionate reviews and ideas about fragrance are eagerly awaited by a large international audience. 

Eduardo and his wife Ana are also the owners of the My Scent Journey niche perfume boutique in the chic Benito Juárez district of Mexico City where the name really delivers on the promise as you enter a beautifully designed space evoking the romance of exploration and journeys of discovery. And, it is this exquisite store that stocks our fragrances in this vibrant city, something of which we are very proud.

“Peach's Revenge is rapidly becoming one of my favourite fragrances of Sarah’s.”

Eduardo was over in Milan for Esxence recently, where Peach’s Revenge was launched. Eduardo admits that he felt some trepidation when he had learned from Chris Maurice that the house was launching a peach-based fragrance. Eduardo is known to not particularly like fruity fragrances and, despite Chris’ assurances prior to the fair in Milan that he would be sure to love this one, he admits that he felt rather nervous as he headed to smell Peach’s Revenge for the first time at the packed stand in the exhibition hall in Milan. What should he say if he didn’t like it? Should he lie and pretend it was great? Or should he be brutally honest in such a crowded public forum? 

“This is a very sexual perfume, very sexual…”

Peach's in Mexico

But, love it, he did. So much so, in fact, that when he got back to Mexico City—ensuring that My Scent Journey would be stocking it at the soonest possible opportunity—he and Ana made a wonderful video review, taking the time to talk you through the Peach’s Revenge experience over a full 9 hours. Starting in Eduardo’s office, he takes you through his first impressions, first on a tester strip and then on skin. He makes a visit to the store to gather Ana’s thoughts on Peach’s Revenge. And then, at night, while out walking his dog Pepe, he fills you in on the dry down. There’s dedication for you!

“I feel this is going to be one of the best launches of the year.”

Among the many praising things that Eduardo has to say about our latest release, he also offered some very interesting insights that remind us of the cultural dimension to perfume. For example, something in the fragrance reminded him of cactus, though it isn’t in the perfume. And, both he and Ana were very quick to pick up on and extol the virtues of the guava note—which most definitely is in the fragrance— something that those in Europe smelling the fragrance for the first time don’t necessarily register. This is perhaps because guava is a far more familiar smell in Latin America, guavas having originated in Mexico and the Caribbean Rim. Either way, it’s always refreshing and enlightening to learn how those with different frames of reference engage with a new perfume; discover different things in it from where the intense focus has been during its creation.

We are so delighted and really appreciate the time and effort Eduardo and Ana took to make this charming video. Thank you so much, Eduardo and Ana. And we’re utterly delighted that the fragrance fans of Mexico City will be able to discover it… well, just as soon as it’s back in stock.

Please do take the time to view the video. It’s in Spanish, but YouTube’s auto translate function will give you a reasonable idea in numerous languages.


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