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My Scent Journey Meets Loudo

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice My Scent Journey, Eduardo Garcia de Alba, rates 'loudo' as "excellent, excellent"

Eduardo Garcia de Alba is another fragrance reviewer with an interesting personal story. Educated as an engineer at one of Mexico’s most prestigious educational institutions, Eduardo, a native of Mexico City, worked in the mystifying world of financial start-ups before gravitating towards his personal passion: fragrance.

Under his moniker My Scent Journey on YouTube and having set up the fragrance website, he’s attracted a large loyal following of Spanish-speaking fragrance enthusiasts keen to hear his opinions where all things olfactory are concerned.

We’re delighted that he recently turned his attention to our latest unisex extrait de parfum release, Loudo.

“...after about 10 or 15 minutes, the precious jewel at the heart (of this fragrance) unfolds…”

We confess that we are delighted that Eduardo has focussed his discerning attention on our house and on Loudo in particular.

“...I give this fragrance a rating of excellent, excellent…”

Rather than parrot the highly articulate Eduardo, it’s probably just best if you simply hear what he has to say in his video review. Click "play" and lean back...


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