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SARAH BAKER in L'Officiel Baltic

Who would have thought we'd see SARAH BAKER in L'Officiel Baltic and Latvia? Naturally, we’re delighted to be featured in the current issues, the annual Beauty Awards issue. 

L’Officiel Baltic is the leading international luxury title in the Baltic States region of Europe, published in Latvian, Russian and English. 

One of the highlights of the current issue is a feature article by Tamara Gezerdava, fragrance journalist, lecturer and organiser of fragrance events. It focuses on her experience of Esxence in Milan earlier this year, the annual niche fragrance fair where the house exhibited and launched Peach’s Revenge.

In the first part of her article, Tamara walks us through the connections—overt and far less obvious—in haute parfumerie to all those iconic French luxury houses with which it has long been connected; from Guerlain to Fath. 

SARAH BAKER in L'Officiel Baltic

She then progresses to discussing the niche luxury houses that caught her attention at the fair. 

Tamara is a knowledgeable, erudite and witty writer—even with our miniscule knowledge of Lativian, that’s plain to tell—so it was all the more flattering given what she had to say about the house in general and Peach’s Revenge in particular. 

“It’s not just a peach—it’s a juicy fruit frenzy; thick, sweet juice that flows over the blade of a knife and leaves no one, absolutely no one, indifferent!”

In addition to describing us as a highlight of this year’s Esxence, she entirely grasped the spirit of Peach’s Revenge, its inspirations and value as a fragrance. With a flair for the dramatic herself, she cuts straight to the heart in recognising the heady, hyperbolic story underlying Chris Maurice’s latest composition for the house and our enduring love for the melodramatic and heightened emotions. 

Frankly, there was both a blush of humility as well as a conspiratorial chuckle with where she places our latest release in the trend for the gourmand. But we probably shouldn’t go into that. Discover it for yourselves.

Thank you so much L’Officiel Baltic and specifically to Tamara for her kind and insightful observations.  

SARAH BAKER in L'Officiel Baltic


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