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Recent Reviews Round-up

sarah baker perfumes ‘Symmerty’ by perfumer Chris Maurice 

‘flame & fortune’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘far from the madding crowd’ Miguel Matos 

‘G clef’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘Bascule’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler 

‘gold spot’ by perfumer Chris Maurice 

‘Atlante’ by perfumer Sarah McCartney 

‘Charade’ by perfumer Andreas Wilhelm 

‘Greek Keys’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler 

‘Jungle Jezebel’ by perfumer Miguel Matos 

‘Leopard’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler 

‘Loudo’ by perfumer Chris Maurice 

’tartan’ by perfumer Sarah McCartney 

It's always a good idea to consult independent opinions and insights when it comes to perfume. So, we're delighted that some of the most recent reviews of our juices come from such knowledgeable individuals as those recently casting their attention over our fragrances.

Suzy Nightingale reviews Symmetry in The Scented Letter magazine

sarah baker perfumes 'symmetry' by perfumer chris maurice
"Orange blossom continues the Cologne-like freshness but earthier, wet woody cypriol hints at the cargo hiding in the ship's hull — a breeze of musk and oudh completing our odyssey." - Suzy Nightingale, The Scented Letter on Symmetry

Suzy Nightingale, respected fragrance expert and writer for The Perfume Society offers her summary of Symmetry from our S.BAKER Collection that gets straight into to the heart of the inspirations behind this fresh juice featuring oud as a note in the most recent copy of the society's magazine The Scented Letter.

Nicola Thomis reviews Flame & Fortune and Lace on The Sniff Podcast

sarah baker perfumes 'flame & fortune' by perfumer sarah baker
"I cannot for the life of me work out how Sarah made this one quite as beautiful and luminous as she did" - Nicola Thomis, The Sniff on Flame & Fortune

Nicola Thomis, better known to perfume enthusiasts in the guise of her The Sniff podcasts has included two of our fragrances in her most recent episode. Released in April 2021, the sixth episode in the series entitled Perfume and brand reviews - favourites of The Sniff has some very kind things to say about Lace from our extrait de parfrum collection as well as Flame & Fortune, one of the eau de parfum juices in the S.BAKER Collection.

T.J. Norris reviews Tartan on Notetaking

sarah baker perfumes 'tartan' by perfumer sarah mccartney notetaking daily fragrance reviews
"This combines tobacco in a whispery way, again pairing so well with a skin-like leather accord, but so differently than elsewhere on this survey." - T.J. Norris, Notetaking about Tartan

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, T. J. Norris, the voice behind the fragrance review audiozine and blog Notetaking out of Fort Worth, Texas, has featured Tartan in his overview of fragrances with a tobacco note. We don't want to be boastful but we're not going to pretend that we're not delighted that Tartan scores highest of all twelve fragrances reviewed.

T.J. Norris reviews Symmetry on Notetaking

sarah baker perfumes 'symmetry' by perfumer chris maurice notetaking daily fragrance reviews
“Where has this been all my life? I’m serious. Oud and orange is my creamy dream team combo. And here it is in the best light possible… It’s confident and a bit of a seducer. It’s one of the best from the house bar none.”

T.J. has also recently featured Symmetry from the S.BAKER Collection in a review of its own called 'Balancing Delicacies'. And, with a 93% overall rating, it seems that this is another of our fragrances to please the olfactory sensibilities of the discerning T.J.

We want to extend a big thank you to all of these fragrance reviewers for their kind words about our juices. And, of course, we urge you, dear readers, to check them out.


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