Extrait de Parfum


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  • About Lace

    Not the lace of the boudoir. Here regal elegance is ideally suited to occasions that call for discretion and restraint. Butter wouldn’t melt on the buttoned-up top layer. But underneith a devil-may-care spontaneity and luxuriant desire for pleasure is revealed.

  • Notes

    In three words: creamy, breezy, mellow


    Notes: coconut, hedione, ambroxan, vanilla, calone, jasmine, cedar, musk 


    Nose: Sarah McCartney 

  • Expert Quote

    “ Lace is a fun and delightful ride that settles into a frisky floral vixen.. Lace was a great introduction to Sarah Baker Perfumes.  It’s fun and easy to wear and one of those perfumes that defies being in a bad mood when wearing it.  Who doesn’t love a fun perfume?”


    -Steven Lindquist, fragrance reviewer, The Scented Hound