Eau de Parfum


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  • About Symmetry

    Inspired by the cultural melting pot and fragrance hub of the Ancient World with its bustling markets and port. Combines oud with the freshness of a cologne tradition. Classical.

  • Notes

    bergamot, petitgrain, neroli, orange blossom, amber, cypriol, musk, Laos oud.


    Nose: Chris Maurice 

  • Expert Quote

    “My favourite is Symmetry… It’s a woody fragrance. For me, it’s all about oud. But it’s also about cypriol...It works great with oud. (sniffs) It really does work great here… For me it is a nice combination of oud, cypriol with bergamot…. the animalic touches and the freshness is really, really green-fresh with the bergamot, which is a nice contrast with the deep and rich and heavy oudy woodiness.”


    -Sebastian Jara, YouTube reviewer, Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews