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Kuhl-Linscomb: Perfumes & Versace on Display

sarah baker perfumes stocked in Kuhl-Linscomb Houston, Texas, 'baroness by sarah baker for versace'

We are thrilled to have Sarah Baker perfumes stocked in the Houston, Texas design and lifestyle store, Kuhl–Linscomb, among esteemed brands like Blackbird, D.S. & Durga, Etat Libre D'Orange, Nasomatto, and of course, Versace!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting (via Zoom) the team, led by Owner and Principal, Pam Kuhl-Linscomb, ASID RID, who has a worked extensively in retail, fashion and design. and they created amazing displays. It is so fun to see the recent display of Sarah Baker fragrances they put together in the shop. I wish I could hop on an airplane for a nice summer holiday in Texas and visit Pam, Colby, and the rest of the team in person. And of course I would pick up some glamorous cowboy boots and make a proper appearance.

sarah baker perfumes kuhl-linscomb houston, texas, baroness versace sarah baker

But since we can’t quite do that just yet, it was lovely of the team to share these photos of our perfume bottles artfully nestled in with select pieces from the Versace Home Collection and my 2019 multimedia collaboration with Versace and Baron Magazine, Baroness by Sarah Baker for Versace, starring Helena Christensen. You can watch a clip of the video I made with Versace to accompany the book here.

It’s so fun to see three things so dear to my heart and central to my life’s work and influences—Sarah Baker Perfumes, Baroness by Sarah Baker for Versace, and the Versace Home Collection -- combined in one gorgeous retail display at Kuhl-Linscomb. If you know me, you know I have long been inspired by the glamour of power Versace in my art practice, and this has certainly carried over into my decisions as a niche perfume entrepreneur. This very tabletop arrangement could easily be in my own house or studio!

sarah baker perfumes 'sarah baker baroness versace'

Thank you for brightening my day, Houston! Hope to see you as soon as we can make a trip to the U.S. again. Stay safe and healthy, y'all!

XO Sarah


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