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Baroness by Sarah Baker for VERSACE

sarah baker perfumes baroness by sarah baker for versace

I am thrilled to announce a very special project that I have been busy with in the studio alongside Sarah Baker perfumes: Baroness by Sarah Baker for Versace.

It was a true honor to collaborate with Baroness Magazine and Versace on a book, fashion campaign, video episodes, and a song. The project was inspired by vintage romance novels and features Versace glamour. 

Please visit to view the online project. I am so thrilled that it is being featured so wonderfully throughout Versace.

To preorder the book go to

sarah baker perfumes 'baroness by sarah baker for versace'

Set over six chapters, the narrative follows protagonists Angelina and the Baroness - played by Sarah Baker and Helena Christensen - as they navigate tumultuous affairs and overcome adversities.

Dear Friends, please visit today and take a look!

I'd like to thank Donatella Versace, whom I admire so deeply, not only for her impeccable taste but for her brilliance as a business woman.

Matthew Holroyd, Founder and Editor of Baron Productions, I owe my sincere appreciation for this collaborative opportunity.

It was a dream to work with the inimitable Helena Christensen! Thank you for bringing the Baroness to life!

Immeasurable gratitude to everyone on The Baroness production team-

Guest Editor: Donatella Versace

Art Director: Stephen Male

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll enjoy this fun Versace holiday saga! 

XO Sarah

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