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Baroness by Sarah Baker for VERSACE

I am thrilled to announce a very special project that I have been busy with in the studio alongside Sarah Baker perfumes: Baroness by Sarah Baker for Versace.

It was a true honor to collaborate with Baroness Magazine and Versace on a book, fashion campaign, video episodes, and a song. The project was inspired by vintage romance novels and features Versace glamour. 

Please visit to view the online project. I am so thrilled that it is being featured so wonderfully throughout Versace.

To preorder the book go to

Set over six chapters, the narrative follows protagonists Angelina and the Baroness - played by Sarah Baker and Helena Christensen - as they navigate tumultuous affairs and overcome adversities.

Dear Friends, please visit today and take a look!

I'd like to thank Donatella Versace, whom I admire so deeply, not only for her impeccable taste but for her brilliance as a business woman.

Matthew Holroyd, Founder and Editor of Baron Productions, I owe my sincere appreciation for this collaborative opportunity.

It was a dream to work with the inimitable Helena Christensen! Thank you for bringing the Baroness to life!

Immeasurable gratitude to everyone on The Baroness production team-

Guest Editor: Donatella Versace

Art Director: Stephen Male

Cast: Helena Christensen, Meghan Roche, Simonas Pham, Jonathan Saxby

Styling: Francesca Izzy, Allegra Versace Beck Editing: Michelle DeignanJohn McMullin Photography: Milo Reid, Edith Bergfors Hair & Make-Up: Denise Kum, Tahira Herold, Robert Frampton Music: Jeremy Warmsley

Writing: Joanna Gillespie, Matthew Holroyd, Jamie D. Huxley, and myself.

Candle: Corrine Calder

PR: Projectile Presence

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll enjoy this fun Versace holiday saga! 

XO Sarah

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