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Bascule review by Elena Cvjetkovic for CaFleureBon

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler review for cafleurebon by elena cvjetkovic

I am delighted with the review of Bascule for CaFleureBon written by Elena Cvjetkovic. Ashley Eden Kessler (the perfumer who made Bascule) and myself have been working on the development of Bascule for many years. It has been a slow process mostly because of various mishaps with materials. Also, Ashley really took her time to research different accords that are included. It was worth the wait.

I was very impressed with how Elena picked up on some of the various accords in Bascule that were so well considered. Elena writes:

"What surprised me the most is that the very smooth vetiver note at one moment reminded me of the scent of a clean horse, an amazing and delicious smell of a fine and well-groomed animal that you can feel if you lay your head against a horse’s and bury your nose in it!"

Ashley did in fact bury her nose in a well-groomed horse to capture the essence. While very busy translating real life smells, such as horses, stables, and the soft leather interior of a classic Bently, Ashley did contribute creative direction herself. It was Ashley's idea to add the peach accord to the Bascule composition, which is described as being the reward for the champion horse.

Ashley Eden Kessler is the perfumer behind Bascule, as well as two perfumes in our SARAH BAKER flagship collection: Leopard and Greek Keys. Ashley is a fantastic perfumer (obviously) but she is also a fantastic teacher. Check out her online classes at the Institute for Art and Olfaction.

Ashley and I are just delighted at Elena's review. There's nothing like working on something for years, and waiting for the stars to align in order to release it, to then have an eloquent interpretation come to life. And in such a wonderful forum as CaFleureBon.

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler review for cafleurebon by elena cvjetkovic
Bascule thrusts off with impeccably-groomed fields of fresh grass, adds a touch of elegance by well-dosed citruses-infused bitterness, canters in a round, balanced frame with neatly arranged and addictive smelling stacks of hay, jumps over a steeple-chase fence wearing high leather boots, and finishes all the combinations and all the rounds of its development in a well-composed way, remaining refined until the end of the competition. Poise, angelic grace, and effortless elegance: even when your horse acts stubbornly, or you step into a pile of dung.

We love it! Thank you, Elena and CaFleureBon :)

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