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  • About

    Horses, hay and leather. The sun-ripened notes of succulent fruit, woods and prominent green notes amidst a notable bass of earthy tones and noblesse oblige. Equestrian.

  • Notes

    50ml, Eau de Parfum


    Notes: grass, peach, bergamot, lily of the valley, hay, leather accord, metal tack, vetiver, amber, musk, fir, tobacco.


    Nose: Ashley Eden Kessler 

  • Experts say...

    “If ever a fragrance were going to lead you astray, this could be it. This is ruthless seduction executed in the most refined manner, as succulent peach juice drips onto hot leather and rich tobacco strokes warm hay. There’s enough cleanliness to render it fit for wear beyond the bedroom, but only just: lily of the valley and cut grass evoke the cleanliness of a bath, following a torrid tumble in the stables.”


    -Suzy Nightingale, Senior Writer, The Perfume Society Scented Letter Magazine

  • Customers Say...

    "Everything has always gone well with my orders over the years. Delivery is relatively fast, considering I am in Belgium, and my order is always complete. The care taken in packaging demonstrates the attention paid to your customers. I love your perfumes, I have preferences but they are all unique."


    Yasmina Salah from Belgium has purchased several fragrances from Sarah Baker