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The High Life Discovery Set

The High Life Discovery Set


5 x 2ml spray samples




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    The High Life Discovery Set includes 5 x 2ml spray-top bottles:


    Peach's Revenge: Succulent fruits encourage summertime madness. Hypnotic and addictive.


    Charade: Big white flower with a cutting edge of rustic leather. Sophisticated and contemporary.


    Jungle Jezebel: Bombastic banana bootylicious beast. Love it or hate it? We love. Join us.


    Gold Spot: A spotlight on filmstars who love their luxuries, indulging themselves in bed all day with broadsheets and butterscotch bonbons.


    Leopard: Power fragrance that must be worn with shoulder pads. Not for children.

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    "Such a magnificent collection. The best way to explore this fantastic perfume house" -Lev Kallos on Instagram