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We’re Making a Stink with Camille & Chris

sarah baker perfumes making a stink! 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler

NYC duo Camille and Chris describe themselves as “fragrance nerds who like to review fragrances”. And they do exactly that on their Making a Stink! YouTube fragrance review channel. Recently they cast their gaze in our direction with their overview of our house.

Rather than enthusiasts only interested in juices, they pay a lot of attention to specific noses and perhaps have more hands-on experience of creating fragrance than many other reviewers out there. For example, Camille has taken classes in fragrance with perfumer Ashely Eden Kessler who has created juices for our house.

“I know that Ashley (Eden Kessler) worked on this for a long time. And it shows. It’s a hell of a fragrance!” - Camille on Bascule

In addition to giving a general overview of the House of Sarah Baker, they focus more specifically on reviewing a number of their favourites, namely Tartan, Leopard and Bascule.

Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughtful insights, Camille and Chris.

Make sure you check out what they have to say in their video overview.

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