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We're in Nicola's Christmas Gift Guide

sarah baker perfumes the sniffer christmas gift guide 2021

As we edge towards that time of year again when many of us start fretting over the sheer logistics of decking the halls with boughs of holly, it’s also when our thoughts turn towards what we plan to give our nearest and dearest as seasonal gifts. For many of us, wanting to get it exactly right, it can be a daunting task. But at least for those who are thinking about fragrance gifts, fear not, Nicola Thomis’ Christmas Gift Guide 2021, published on her popular The Sniff fragrance blog, takes all the pain away.

As Nicola explains…

“...we’ve drawn together the most memorable scents from the last twelve months to help take the pain out of present buying. Here you’ll find the fragrances we will be hoping end up in our stockings this Christmas morning.”

It’s divided into sections with different categories, not the usual categories of perfume styles, but abstract categories—romantics, rebels, foodies, those dreaming of travel, etc.—to help guide you in your choices; to make it easier to match the fragrance with the personality traits of the lucky giftee. For those who are less confident or familiar with niche and independent perfumery, it’s the perfect aide, especially if you are looking for a juice to impress a discerning fragrance enthusiast. Nicola’s guide is the hassle-free tool for you to appear the consummate fragrance connoisseur when that wrapping paper is prized open under the Christmas tree.

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice

Just one word of warning: that drive to think about gifts for others may be sorely tempted as you learn about more and more juices that you will almost certainly want for yourself.

We are as happy as Christmas elves that not one, but two of our juices have made it into her guide; Loudo and Flame & Fortune. Can you guess which categories Nicola’s placed them in? No, we shan’t divulge, because it’s definitely worth you exploring her whole guide here.

We naturally want to express our seasonal goodwill and a big Santa thank you to Nicola. I think we must have been pretty good this year for such a gift.

sarah baker perfumes 'flame & fortune' by perfumer sarah baker


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