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The Scented Hound on Bascule

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler the scented hound

How very remiss of us. Recently we came across a review of our Bascule eau de parfum from the S.BAKER Collection written a while back, over the summer.

Dog-loving American fragrance reviewer Steven Lindquist known for his blog The Scented Hound, tried the juice and contributed his point of view to the discussion. In this case it really is a matter of the hounds leading the horses.

“ Here the perfume remains, nicely green with a dried soft leather on top of a hay accord with tufts of tobacco. It’s just the right amount of earthy countryside for even the most confirmed city slicker.”

Be sure to check out his full review here. Thank you, Steven for sharing your thoughts on this fragrance with the world.

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler

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