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The Power of Perfume in the Time of Coronavirus by Bad Girl Sarah Colton

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Might perfumistas be the safest people on the planet these days?

One perfume lover presents her case.

I just love this video feature by Bad Girls Perfume author Sarah Colton. Her videos are so wonderful, and one of her latest, The Power of Perfume in the Time of Coronavirus, is no exception. Sarah is able to take a serious topic and infuse it helpful information and humor. I mean, who among us doesn’t identify with Sarah, armed for battle in her mask and protective gear, spraying down her door handles with disinfectant agents. That’s been me every day since early March!

Check out Sarah’s overview of the role perfume can play in our lives as we live with the “new reality” of Coronavirus. From comfort to germ protection, from sprays to sanitizers to soaps, Sarah offers useful information through delightful theatrical vignettes.

Thanks to Sarah for including our new line of WHO-recommended hand rub formulations, Jazz Hands by Sarah Baker, produced with organic ethanol (80% of formulation). Like so many in our industry, we were pleased to respond to an urgent need for our customers and front-line service workers alike. As well, we are pleased to donate a portion of each sale to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders.

Thank you, Sarah Colton!

Stay safe my friends,

Sarah Baker


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