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The Perfume Guy Gold Spot Review and Interview

sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice, 'symmetry' by perfumer chris maurice, 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice, the perfume guy gold spot review Sebastion Jara, San francisco

While I’ve been back in California visiting my family for the holidays, I had the opportunity to meet up with Sebastian Jara aka The Perfume Guy in San Francisco. When Sebastian said that he wanted to do a video interview while I was in the Bay Area, I was delighted.

Sebastian has been a supporter of the house and I really enjoy talking about fragrances with him. He’s so knowledgeable and I always learn something new, but he’s also one of those people who naturally puts me at ease.

So, we got together to talk about all kinds of things, from the house’s S.Baker Collection to our latest release Gold Spot—and incidentally the giveaway that we planned in collaboration with The Perfume Guy. We also discussed how the house’s family of signature oud-based fragrances created by nose Chrus Maurice—Symmetry, Loudo and Gold Spot—relate to each other. If you’re interested in knowing more about the fragrances, hearing Sebastian’s views on Gold Spot or even learning about what’s coming up for the house, click below to see the video.

"The butterscotch adds a really beautiful sweet layer to it. The dark chocolate also accentuates the butterscotch-iness; it sweetens it up. Overall it's definitely much more luxurious, much more gourmand. Very, very creamy. Really beautiful." - Sebastian Jara on Gold Spot

I had such a great time, as always, and thank you so much, Sebastian, for the opportunity to share our fragrances with your followers.

Sebastian Jara is an established figure on the international perfume scene. Based in San Francisco, he is a fragrance connoisseur, writer and reviewer perhaps best known for his The Perfume Guy YouTube channel that reaches a large and loyal following around the world.


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