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The Perfume Guy Gets It

sarah baker perfumes the perfume guy reviews s.baker collection,‘Symmerty’ by perfumer Chris Maurice 

‘flame & fortune’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘far from the madding crowd’ Miguel Matos 

‘G clef’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘Bascule’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler 

We were absolutely delighted to have our entire new S.BAKER Collection reviewed by Sebastian Jara, the San Francisco-based, fragrance expert, writer and raconteur on his very popular Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews Youtube channel. He reviewed all 5: Bascule, Far from the Madding Crowd, Flame & Fortune, G Clef, and Symmetry.

As always, his review is honest, knowledgeable, balanced and personal. One of the things we wanted when we launched the new collection was to offer a genuine diversity of options framed by a unifying concept; something that might have at least one fragrance to appeal to every discerning taste. And, it seems we've pulled it off.

As you’ll see, Sebastian is clear about which and why when advocating the fragrances he likes in the collection, always relating to how his opinion connects to his acknowledged personal tastes. As a niche brand, we find this particularly positive and supportive and we suspect you might too, as enthusiasts who love good tips on fragrances. It’s not always easy to find an opinion based on tastes with which you can identify and Sebastian always does a great job of guiding you through the intricacies.

There are definitely a few surprises in there that underscore Sebastian’s unique approach to perfume. What are they? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out because we’re not dropping any spoilers…

And why wouldn't you watch? Not only do you get to learn about fragrances and find out what Sebastian's S.Baker Collection ranking is, but also there's a GIVEAWAY. One lucky winner gets to take home a S.Baker Collection bottle of choice.

And that's not all: There's a DISCOUNT CODE.


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