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The Perfume Guy's Top 20 Ouds 2022

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice The Perfume Guy's top 20 ouds of 2022 Sebastian Jara

We released Loudo, our most recent unisex extrait de parfum in the SARAH BAKER Collection in October last year. But, as some of you may already know, this juice is the baby that has captured the imagination of those in the know in no time at all.

A recent video by Sebastian Jara is his first video focussing on his favourite ouds since 2020.

Sebastian is the fragrance expert and reviewer based in San Francisco best known under his YouTube moniker as The Perfume Guy on his channel that has a loyal following of subscribers. Loudo has popped up on Sebastian's radar once again. We’re extremely proud that someone of his calibre has stood behind our latest juice.

“This one is kinda gourmand-leaning, but it doesn’t go fully gourmand. It does have that white chocolate note and it’s a nice contrast to the dry, woody, wildly animalic Laotian oud in here against the creaminess from white chocolate…”

In his drilling down to his top 20 state-of-the-art oud-based fragrances of 2022, we’re absolutely thrilled that Loudo is even on that list. Given the heavyweight houses on his list, we were over the moon to simply have made it. So, as you can imagine, every time his countdown named another that wasn’t us and we notched one step further up his list, our hearts skipped a beat.

To find out where we came in, simply click “play” below.

Thank you so much for considering us, Sebastian.


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