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Symmetry Aces the PERFUMATEST

sarah baker perfumes 'symmetry' by perfumer chris maurice, jose fort aka perfumatest

José Fort is a fragrance reviewer based in Valencia better known under his moniker on YouTube, PERFUMATEST. On his Spanish-language channel, he reviews both niche and mainstream luxury fragrances for his large and eager following.

“A super-versatile oud perfume for every occasion”

We’re delighted that he recently turned his attention to Symmetry from our S.BAKER Collection and even more delighted at his kind and glowing words on our “fresh oud”. It’s also great that he is presenting our fragrances to a Spanish-speaking audience. So, if you’d like to hear his opinion in the original castellano, be sure to check out his video below.

Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras, José.


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