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Stephan Matthews Reviews Loudo

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice reviewed by Stephan matthews
photo: Stephan Matthews

Stephan Matthews, the British fragrance writer and reviewer known for his eponymous blog aimed at “putting fun back into fragrance”, has turned his attention to Loudo in his recent article and review of our new oud-centric extrait de parfum.

Taking his cue from our sources of inspiration that look to childhood play as an incubator for serious adult skills, he has put a distinctive personal spin on his interpretation of the juice, looking to his own formative years.

The result is a review that has a wonderfully personal touch and offers unexpected insights. We could never have guessed how the landscape and houses of Cornwall could make such olfactory sense of the blended ingredients, but they clearly do.

“ The Cornish link for me is the arrival of a stone-like quality that is reminiscent of abandoned mines and fern-covered walls, but the appearance of the resinous oud adds a modern touch without dominating that aged quality.”

Thank you, Stephan for your thought-provoking article and review and, of course, your ongoing support for our house. Be sure to check out the article including his review here.

sarah baker perfumes ' loudo' by perfumer chris maurice reviewed and photographed by stephan matthews
photo: Stephan Matthews


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