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Ouch110 Reviews Charade

Ouch110 Reviews SARAH BAKER Charade

Thomas aka ouch110 is a true perfume insider. He keeps his expansive following—who eagerly watch his videos of reviews and other insightful and amusing musings about fragrance—entertained and engaged on Youtube.

So, we were utterly flattered that he chose our Charade for his first review of an individual fragrance for years, as he explains at the outset of the video. We are even more flattered that he likes this extrait by nose Andreas Wilhelm so much. 

“It is just absolutely fantastic. That’s why I’m ranting and loving on it right now. I’m so glad I have another bottle because one bottle is already gone."

We really can’t do justice in capturing the essence of Thomas’ review; the way he accurately walks you through the balances and tensions between the tuberose, ylang-ylang and the leather accord that we agree are the keystone in the architecture of Andreas’ fantastic composition. Or indeed, the way it meanders through floral, amber or even chypre moods during the course of its long stay on your skin.

“Let’s get the longevity out of the way. Just incredible! If you’re a longevity whore, you’re gonna like it.”

Like we said, we can’t do it justice. You’ll just have to watch it and see for yourself. Just click the play button below: Ouch110 Reviews Charade.

Thank you so much, Thomas! We really appreciate your support and incisive point of view.


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