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Stephan Matthews Reviews Charade

Stephan Matthews wrote a wonderful review on our 2018 release Charade. The perfume is based on the classic 1963 film that is set in Paris, and I am very impressed that Stephan has also read the book.

Stephan thought Andreas Wilhelm did a good job interpreting the romcom/whodunnit starring the two sexiest actors of their time: Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

sarah baker perfumes 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm
"The task of creating Charade fell to Swiss perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. He had set up his first olfactive studio in 2008 and, from the very beginning, was always breaking the conventional rules of fragrance. That’s why asking him to help Sarah realise the iconic film through scent truly was the perfect pairing. "

Below is a quote from Stephan's review about Charade, but please click here to read the whole review.

Charade opens with the undeniable blend of vintage tuberose, ylang, and a huge note of galbanum. However, before you think this is just another floral, a dryness reminiscent of cedarwood comes drifting through the centre. This is joined by an intriguing resinous aroma, placing you firmly in Paris stairwells, alongside a honeyed leather that hints at expensive suitcases. The vetiver and moss in the base add a wonderful chypre earthiness, which stops the amber accord becoming too warm, and a final touch of sandalwood completes a stunning scent that contrasts masculine with feminine and deceit with desire.

Thanks again, Stephan!

X Sarah


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