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Neil Chapman’s 'Something Sweet: Leopard + Charade'

sarah baker perfumes, something sweet 'leopard' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm, Neil Chapman aka The Black Narcissus

We love the high-octane writing of Neil Chapman aka The Black Narcissus. So we’re thrilled that he recently turned his attention to two of our extraits from the Sarah Baker Collection, namely Leopard and Charade.

Under the title of ‘Something Sweet’, Neil takes us through a characteristically personal tale of a day when he really needed something sweet and turned to these two fragrances.

“Both of these perfumes have about a million notes, and that’s what I wanted : a true ‘composition’.”

Neil describes how both of these extraits, each in their own ways, put him in a good mood. We don’t want to spoil it for you, because we’re sure that Neil’s writing, with its uniquely novelistic style and witty insights, as always, will put you in a good mood too. Make sure to read it here.

Thank you so much for thinking of us again, Neil.

sarah baker perfumes, 'leopard' by perfumer ashley eden kessler

Neil C. Chapman is an award-winning British writer who resides in the ancient Japanese city of Kamakura. An avid enthusiast of fragrance, among other things, in 2019 he published ‘Perfume: In Search of Your Signature Scent’ (subsequently nominated for a Perfumed Plume Award) published by Hardie Grant Books. He also regularly publishes his writings about fragrance on his The Black Narcissus blog.


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