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NEWS! Our Collections Rebooted

sarah baker collection caps

Word is out: we're archiving the S.Baker EDP Collection. After much thought, we've decided to consolidate our fragrances into two collections: the flagship SARAH BAKER Collection and the occasional artist-created limited editions.

But don’t worry, all five S.Baker Collection EDPs will have new homes within our house. Just as perfumes in our archival Motif Collection continue to be available, so too will all five scents from the S.Baker Collection. 

sarah baker symmetry by chris maurice
Symmetry has moved from the S.Baker Collection, and remains EDP

Why we're archiving the S.Baker Collection

The short explanation is that we are aligning our energy with the vision of our brand: high-quality artistic perfumes that present exceptional tactile and olfactory experiences from beginning to end.

We launched the S.Baker Collection during COVID to offer a more affordable perfume and, more importantly, a collection that had a feelgood essence at its heart in a difficult time. For an independent house like ours, it meant a massive undertaking but well worth the risk. And, we weren’t wrong! The S.Baker collection and the fragrances were well received by customers, reviewers, and fragrance experts. One of them, Flame & Fortune, won a CaFleureBon Best of Scent Award. 

But, since we undertake all of the manufacturing of our fragrances by hand in our London art studio, we need to make effective use of our time in order to maintain excellent quality and deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

Considering all the practical behind-the-scenes operational parts needed to maintain precision and high quality - such as packaging updates and design, bottling to boxing, managing inventory and components. We do it all! And that is why we provide such a unique artistic unboxing experience. Our offering aims to be innovative, luxurious, and of the highest caliber.

At this stage of the company’s development, we want to focus our energy so that we can make good on our promise. For us, that meant paring down to one main collection with a strong artistic direction, and all of our additional creativity will be used to produce limited edition artist projects, which we are equally as passionate about.

sarah baker flame & fortune extriat de parfum
Flame & Fortune has moved from the S.Baker EDP Collection, and becomes Extrait de Parfum

Eau de Parfum (EDP) versus Extrait de Parfum

We don’t believe concentration defines quality. Often extraits are more expensive than EDPs—it’s only natural since there's more fragrant oil concentrate in that bottle. Just because something is more expensive, doesn’t indisputably make it the best.

sarah baker samples

We believe in optimal concentration.

Not all fragrances work optimally at extrait de parfum concentration. Some of our most beautiful fragrances were created specifically as EDPs, and if the perfumer wants it to remain EDP, we will entirely stand behind their wishes that they remain so as they move into our flagship SARAH BAKER Collection.

So from now on, our SARAH BAKER Collection will include both extrait de parfum and eau de parfum fragrances. While the majority in the collection is likely to remain extraits, we would not rule out releasing a new EDP if that was the concentration in which the wearer had the best fragrance experience.

I hope you all understand why we’re rebooting our collections. For anyone who’s still worried that a favorite from the S.Baker Collection is going to disappear forever, rest assured, that’s not happening.


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