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Loudo on FRAG-MENTAL's Autumn List

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice on FRAG-MENTAL autumn list

Frag-Mental aka Chris Wilkinson is a fragrance reviewer with an impressive following for his YouTube channel in his native UK and beyond. His was a rather unusual trajectory into the world of perfume, first carving out a career as a regular character on the evergreen British soap opera (sorry, "serial drama", Luvvie!) Coronation Street before moving over to the fragrant side.

By his own admission, Autumn is a very important season to him, finding that it has the biggest influence on his own fragrance choices, evocative of this time of year with it’s damp, earthy, woody smells experienced when outdoors in the North of England.

In his recent video 10 Stunning Autumn Fragrances I Can’t Stop Wearing!, all of which are genuinely gorgeous niche fragrances, we were absolutely delighted to find that our latest unisex extrait de parfum Loudo was on his list.

“ It’s got a little bit of animalic oud. It reminds me of, maybe, the dampness of the forest, like where I am here; damp leaves. But obviously all in a very wearable, likeable manner and the colours this fragrance makes me think of when I wear it are the colours of autumn. You can wear this any time through autumn: casually; you can get dressed up and rock this one.”

But, we must confess that when Chris revealed his theory about the true, secret inspiration behind our juice, we were taken entirely by surprise. No, we won't give away the big reveal. Click on the video below and discover for yourselves. We created a juice all about play and Chris has certainly run with the ball. By far, the most individual reading of what’s really behind Loudo.

We’re glad you like it, Chris and are really appreciative that Loudo is included on your tip-top list of consummate autumnal fragrances.


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