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F I L T H !! Black Narcissus Reviews Gold Spot

sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice Neil chapman aka black narcissus reviews 'gold spot'

If you’re not already familiar with the writing of Neil Chapman aka Black Narcissus, you really should be. Neil writes with a unique voice and a singular approach to writing about fragrance that stands out from the pack. We were as cheery as kids gathered around the tree when his recent review of Gold Spot dropped, like a timely seasonal gift.

sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice, black narcissus aka Neil Chapmanreview

We are even more delighted that Neil elaborates, through his own particular brand of stream of consciousness, a point of view that shows he really understands what we were channelling with Gold Spot.

“I love the idea of these dames and starlets just lounging around all day in satin sheets eating butterscotch, oozing wit.”

Reading Gold Spot as a story told in scent exactly as we hoped people might, it’s deeply reassuring to read a highly respected writer’s take on our latest oud that is spot on in understanding what we envisaged when working on it.

“...the perfume is very sensual; its creator Chris Maurice, who made this as part of an ‘Oud Trilogy’, certainly knows how to hit the primal G Spot: – this is hilariously very innocent and lewd simultaneously.”

sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice black narcissus review

Thank you so much, Neil, for your fabulous words. Reading someone who really “gets” what we’re trying to achieve at the house is truly a holiday tonic.

Neil C. Chapman is an award-winning British writer who resides in the ancient Japanese city of Kamakura. An avid enthusiast of fragrance, among other things, in 2019 he published ‘Perfume: In Search of Your Signature Scent’ (subsequently nominated for a Perfumed Plume Award) published by Hardie Grant Books. He also regularly publishes his writings about fragrance on his The Black Narcissus blog.


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