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Lauryn Beer reviews Gold Spot on CaFleureBon

sarah baker perfumes, Lauryn Beer reviews 'Gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice on CaFleureBon photo by: George Hurrell, 1934

We’re delighted that Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor of ÇaFleureBon, has turned her attention to Gold Spot, our newest extrait de parfum by nose Chris Maurice.

swathed in a white satin dressing gown fluffed with ostrich feathers, she pauses, an amused smile playing on her lips. As another adjustment to the lighting is made, she pouts, leaning back into a mountain of pillows, and lifts a bonbon to her scarlet mouth.

One of the things that is really notable about Lauryn’s review is that she entirely “gets” that at the core of this juice, we wanted to capture something very glamorous, and delicious, and that the juice is giving Joan Crawford eating BonBons in an ostrich feather gown.

Sarah Baker Gold Spot, the third in her trilogy of oud-centric perfumes, is inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and the auric beam of light that cinematographers refer to as the “gold spot.” And oh, baby, is it gorgeous – a purring angora of a fragrance with the sensual glow of a George Hurrell photograph.

We are completely ecstatic with what Chris Maurice has pulled off. And it really is great to see that others recognise this too. Please read her full commentary here. And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!

sarah baker perfumes review by Lauryn Beer, senior editor of CaFleureBon, 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice

With its precise layering of notes and brilliantly executed contrasts of foody, dense, and astringent notes, Sarah Baker Gold Spot, like Loudo, signals a new sophistication in Baker’s line. It is one of the year’s best gourmands and I defy anyone not to be captivated by it.
Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

Thank you, Lauryn, for your insightful words and thank you once more, Chris, for such a fantastic juice.


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