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  • Sarah Baker

The Black Narcissus reviews Jungle Jezebel

"...a smell-your-fingers Technicolor Odorama leopardskin nightmare of a dare."

Check it out! Author and Perfume Critic, Neil Chapman, who writes the blog The Black Narcissus, wrote a colorful review of Jungle Jezebel (by perfumer Miguel Matos). I pulled a couple of my favorite segments from the review, but I encourage you to give the review a full read, make a comment on his blog, and follow The Black Narcissus on instagram.

"this smells like a huge-chested Glamazonian taking a dump in the equatorial bushgrowth. Giant hairy flowers surround her. Fruitbats. Armadillos. Rotting, spiky, durian fruits."
"surely the wigged and eyelashes bottle alone is worth the price of a ticket."

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