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Bascule is On the Scent

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler

Suzy Nightingale, the highly respected fragrance writer and reviewer, is perhaps best known for her senior editorial contributions to The Perfume Society’s magazine, The Scented Letter.

Recently, Suzy has appeared as the resident fragrance expert on a monthly “sniff-in” project with Nicola Bonn, British beauty expert and veteran broadcaster who founded Outspoken Beauty. The popularity of this “side project” of the popular podcasts produced by Nicola's digital title has seen it rapidly spin off On the Scent, a weekly specialist fragrance podcast in its own right, launched at the beginning of July 2021.

sarah baker perfumes 'bascule' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, on the scent review

We were absolutely thrilled and honoured to be included among the fragrances selected by Suzy and Nicloa for the very first episode of this podcast series that has rapidly grown its audience of perfume enthusiasts and, well, anyone who’s interested in lovely scents.

We don’t need to explain to any knowing fragrance enthusiast why sharing airspace (or should that be podcastspace?) shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Carine Roitfeld, Jeroboam, Juliette Has a Gun, Le Lion de Chanel, Frederic Malle and other laudable houses is deeply flattering.

Our Bascule from the S.BAKER Collection was Suzy’s choice in her selection for this seminal outing of On The Scent with the episode title of Fragrances to Lift Your Emotions. We’re even more honoured that it’s discussed in the slot of the episode where Suzy is asked to talk about “one particular fragrance that (she thinks) is amazing”.

“... if Jilly Cooper's ‘Riders’ books were made into a fragrance… It is sexy! It is naughty. It 's a romp of a fragrance. It’s got peach juice that sizzles on hot leather. It’s got tobacco. It’s got smouldering hay. It’s got a really surprising soapy note of lily of the valley and it’s got cut grass….like someone who has ridden all night to get to you on a horse and they’re a bit sweaty and they smell a little bit of the horse and the saddle and then you demand that they have a bath before they ravage you. But then you think, 'Actually, maybe I don’t need you to have a bath'. But then you both have a bath afterwards.”

Suzy has been a strong advocate of our house and we’re deeply grateful for her support and kind words about our juices on many occasions. But that’s not why we now advocate her and Nicola's wonderful podcast series: it’s a fresh new contribution to fragrance media culture. You really should make sure to tune in regularly if you value truly informed opinions on fragrance.

And, no, don’t expect anything dry and academic. As we suspect you can already tell from how Suzy explains Bascule, it's a bit saucy, cheeky and certainly a lot of fun.

Congratulations Suzy and Nicola on a great podcast concept and fantastic content. Thank you so much for for thinking of us.


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