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Miguel Matos on Perfumer & Flavorist

sarah baker perfumes Miguel Matos on Perfumer & Flavorist, interviewed by Eddie Bulliqi

I am loving this interview with Miguel Matos on Perfumer & Flavorist by writer and perfume connoisseur, Eddie Bulliqi. Miguel and Eddie are two of my favorite people working in the perfume community, so it is especially great to read this conversation between two great minds.

Before Jungle Jezebel happened, I was following Miguel’s writing on Fragrantica and I’d met him at a few events. Miguel’s artistic approach to perfume, his articulate writing, combined with his curatorial work in the realm of art and scent, drew me to his practice.

As Bulliqi writes,

Part of the Fragrantica team since 2013, Miguel Matos has established himself as one of the most respected and prolific writers in the fragrance industry, known for his strikingly evocative and precise descriptions of odor profiles and for applying a range of art theory approaches to perfume reviewing, elucidating acute aspects of what make the best fragrances tick. What separates him from the crowd is his encyclopedic knowledge of contemporary niche, as well as his intimate appreciation for vintage.

I am so honored that Sarah Baker Perfumes was the first brand to publish Miguel’s perfume. Thank you for the mention, Miguel. Long may you prosper in your endeavors!

Read the entire interview here

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