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Fragrance Journey reviews Jungle Jezebel

Today I was introduced to another great fragrance review channel called Fragrance Journey. I love the name because I also feel like I am on some sort of fragrance journey while working for Sarah Baker. I actually loved this review, as it put a few thoughts I had on Jungle Jezebel into words. The perfume was referenced as “fire” and likened to Beauty and the Beast. I think Beauty and the Beast is a great comparison and next time I watch the film I might even spray myself with Jungle Jezebel to make it a fully

encompassing experience. It’s also great to see candid reactions to Sarah’s perfumes as they begin to circulate. The host purchased Jungle Jezebel through Krystal Fragrance. You can check them out HERE. Krystal Fragrance is a small, family run business and I do urge you to check them out. When you make an order with them they will also send you a sample of anything you want – I know where I’m purchasing my next fragrance!

Fragrance Journey is a fairly new niche perfume reviewer and I think it’s definitely one to watch out for. He’s super enthusiastic and offers a fresh outlook as you follow him through his journey of discovering the wonderful world of perfumery. You can check out more of his reviews HERE.

With all my love,

Ariel from team Sarah Baker

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