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Tommelise September reviews round up

Wow! Yana Tommelise is going through a Sarah Baker Perfumes period. Lets hope this phase lasts forever :)

Yana's top-10 Unisex for Fall 2019

Fall is my favourite season of the year and I was delighted when Sarah asked me to take a look at Yana Tommelise’s video on her Top 10 Unisex Perfumes For Fall so that I could share my thoughts with you. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Ariel and I work here at Sarah Baker’s studio in east London.

It was interesting to see Yana break down how to select perfumes for the various climates of autumn. Be it sunny, cloudy, or rainy, she proposed some interesting fragrances to accentuate cozy feelings. The fragrance of Sarah’s that she included in this list was Rules of Attraction. In a weird way, Yana selecting this perfume helped me understand the list that she put together. Rules of Attraction is a really unique fragrance smelling a bit dirty but extravagant. This contrast suits autumn perfectly; it makes me first think of Thanksgiving – celebrating the harvest before you prepare for the winter.

This list of Yana’s is great! It got me super excited for this fall and the smells she describes has already got me thinking about the events to come in the following months.

Yana's top-10 Vertiver Perfumes

Sarah asked me if I would take a look at Yana Tommelise’s review of the Top 10 Vetiver Perfumes. I told her I would get right on it and had to frantically find out what Vetiver meant. So I took a whistle stop tour through the history of Vetiver and the many things it has been used for.

Vetiver is a tall grass with spongy roots and is mainly grown in wet and damp environments. It has a history of being known for its cooling properties and the smell is described as green, grass in soil, and earthy. As I’m sure you can guess it is usually used in men’s perfumes. Due to its cooling properties, it has been used in various parts of the world to make blinds and thatch roofs. The root also has a history of being used in folk magic rituals to provide a feeling of safety. I find this very interesting and cannot help myself in questioning if there are links to the idea of providing safety and the notions of masculinity. But I know that Sarah is very adamant that none of her perfumes have any gender assignment.

In Yana’s video, she mentions Jungle Jezebel as being one of her top 10 Vetiver fragrances. Once I found out what Vetiver actually was I was both surprised and excited to see this fragrance on this list. Jungle Jezebel is usually not considered a Vetiver fragrance. Based on previous audience interacting the strong banana and bubblegum notes followed by the civet dry down seems to be what resonates with people. I think Jungle Jezebel is a completely unique fragrance and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to learn a bit more about its complexity.

With all my love,

Ariel from Team Sarah Baker

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