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Yana Selects Loudo as a Top Sweet Oud

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice Reviewer Yana Lysenko, Tommelise Youtube Channel, 'loudo' Top Sweet Oud 2021

Reviewer Yana Lysenko, best known for her popular Tommelise YouTube channel, confesses in her most recent video that she is currently in love with “sweet ouds”. She takes the opportunity to fill her audience in on the oud-based fragrances that are currently her favourites and we are very flattered that Loudo, our most recent extrait de parfum, has made it on to her very tight list of only a handful of fragrances. High praise indeed given Yana’s current near obsession with sweet oud juices.

“... in my opinion, one of the best releases of 2021… this fragrance is so beautiful… It’s not overwhelming. It smells confident and it lasts for a long time.”

But, rather than us reporting everything that Yana has to say about Loudo, why don’t you hear it in her own words. Just click the “play” button below.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Yana.


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